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German Sieger Show 6th September 2018 

(SV-Bundessiegerzuchtschau in Nürnberg)

SV JudgeJoachim Stiegler (Daizy Ayla's Aura) is awarded

VA2 BZSZ LSH Working Female


Dutch Sieger Show - 30th June 2018

VA1 Daizy Ayla Aura LSH Working Female

Judge: Joachim Stiegler (German Sieger Judge)

18th July 2018 VA1 Belgium Sieger 

VA1 Daizy v Ayla’s Aura Long Coat Working Female Siegerin 

Judge Ulrich Haussmann

British Sieger 2017 - Long Coat Working Female Siegerin Daizy Ayla's Aura

British Sieger 2017 - Adult Long Coat Siegerine Velen v der Zenteiche 

April 2016 Wizard
Photo by: Annelies van Thielen Handled by Alain Delmotte

It's Offical 1st April 2017 press release!!


*** Diva is the Joint WUSV BRG Top (1st Place) Long Coat Female 2016***


Welcome to the new GIANTLANDS web site.


There was nothing wrong with the old one it is just we wanted to be able to bring you more news and give you more information about our dogs.


Giantlands german shepherds are first and foremost bred to be healthy happy head turning companions. To be loved and adored by us and those who become part of the Giantlands family.


Our first love is of course the long coat and we very excited as the kennel club is closer and closer to finalising the revised breed standard to allow them to compete on a level footing with the standard coats. We will be at crufts this year competing along side the standard coats dreaming of the day the long coats have cc's of their own.


The fact that we enjoy to take our dogs to shows and they do them selfs and us proud is just an added bonus. We love to show them off and love to hear feed back and receive photos of your Giantlands family member.


We are proud to be members of the kennel club assured breeders scheme and our check gave us a glowing report . The report is here to be Seen if you want to read it. 


We set our selfs high standards in every aspect of breeding from the most important temperament to health tests and of course conformation ( it is no good having a dog with a lovely nature and someone say isn't your dog lovely what is it!)


We also set our selfs the same high standards when it comes to showing . We decided that as the breed originated in Germany why not go there to show so we did. We have also had some wonderful results in Belgium, Holland and of course the UK .

Please do not be offended when we ask you as many questions as we expect you to ask us .


We have bred these dogs with love and passion and they are only available to homes we are satisfied will provide them with the best life style possible for them. We often have waiting lists as we do not breed very often and can not produce puppies to order.


We endorse our puppies and they all leave home with a contract as part of the Assured Breeders Reqyuirements


We are always here to provide help and advice throughout your new family members life and if you have a question we don't know the answer to .... We will find it for you.


Please even though some of our dogs have working dogs in their pedigrees we do NOT breed guard dogs we breed well adjusted mentally balanced healthy happy companions.

31st May 2015 Southern Counties Championship Show Judged by Helen Davenport-Willis Indo becomes England's first Long Coat German Shepherd to gain his stud book number, BH, AD and IPO1. His stud book number qualifies him for Crufts for life.

Great to share this special day with great friends.


4th April 2015 *** Indo and Inka are both Awarded V1 under World Respected German SV Judge Ruediger Mai (Bierstadter Hof)


Special Girls
Love this boy. Temperament and character fabulous x
Our special girl Inka photo by Tony Mullard
Inka gains SG1 at our first show in 2014 so proud of this girl.
Birthday Boy 4th Feb 2015
Our first Overseas Show. The Dutch Sieger Show Kooki with her awards.
Our lovely old boy and his Best In Show goodies

Our first love are Long Coat German Shepgerds. Giantlands Long Haired Germans Shepherd Dogs are known for there expectional temperaments, beauty, type and size. We don't breed guard dogs our are Pet and Companion only.

Sorry we do not export.

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