V1 Velen von der Zenteiche Dutch Siegerine 2014 & 2015 British Siegerine 2017 BH AD IPO1 BSC1

Winner Velen von der Zenteiche British Sieger 2017

V1 Triple Siegerine (Excellent Graded) Velen von der Zenteiche at Giantlands (German Import).

SV No. (SZ 2293780)

SV Hips A1 Stamp Normal,

DNA geprüft Parentage Proven. BH AD & IPO1.

Microchip No. 981189900043329

Date of Birth: 6th May 2013.

Hill Farbenspiel (4.5-5.5) Pia Zenteiche (5-5) ZW 74


IPO1 80 G 80 G 83 G 243 G


Sire: VA1 Leo von der Zenteiche (SZ 2260720) BH AD IPO3 Korung for Life. ZW 77

Microchip No. 981189900003396Hip & Elbows A1 Stamp Normal. DNA Parentage Proven.



Mother V Fiby von der Zenteiche. (SZ 2245033) BH AD Sch1 Korung for Life. ZW 76

Daughter of Double VA1 German Sieger Winner Remo from Fichtenschlag (SZ 2208401)

Microchip No/Tattoo No. NM 5296.

Hips & Elbows A1 Stamp Normal. 


18th June 2017 British Sieger Show Long Coat Adult Female under Dirk Gabriele Velen is awarded her third Siegerine Title from a Super Class 


V1 Velen von der Zenteiche BH AD IPO1

V2 Cruaghairh Guinevere 

V3 Ardenburg Odette mit Brineack

V4 Lekiro Azhure

V5 Peterwell Reva

V6 Conbhairean Inka

SG1 Marinita Rubette BH AD

SG2 Gil vom Polarstern

K Hazroh Sassy

K Cruaghaire Havana


SG14 German Sieger Show (World Sieger Show) Nurnberg 2014 (Our girls Velen and Inka were UK Long Coat dog to get placed). 


Bundessiegerzuchtschau (LSTH-JKH) 2014
Huge, powerful, type and expressive, very well pigmented bitch with strong head, high withers, straight, firm back, the croup should be slightly longer. The upper arm should be slightly oblique, the hindquarters are well angulated. Balanced chest proportions, straight front. Rear tight, front bodenengtretend the elbow must still close something. With good equilibrium position, it shows a good supply and good reach. Over the GAIT trial bitch shows improved and thus can gain some places.
Picture taken at 7 months
Shown in the Uk only twice very happy to receive this certificate

Dutch Sieger Show 

Event Eventtype Location Country From To
Nederlandse Kampioenschapsclubmatch AUSLAND NL-Loon op Zand Nederland 12.07.2014 13.07.2014
Show Class : LSH Jugendklasse Hündinnen --- Judged by : Marcel Mignolet
Name Parents
Velen von der Zenteiche Leo von der Zenteiche - Fiby von der Zenteiche
Alexa von der Klosterpforte Dexter vom Fichtenschlag - Xinta vom Holtkämper Hof
Caelin Melyanna's Dexter vom Fichtenschlag - Quabila vom Haus Lacherom
Nira van het Boombos Qutro van het Boombos - Pepita aus Westsachsen
Sadi Eskorta Count-Ustinov van de Ybajo Hoeve - Candy Eskorta
Ronja von der Düsselquelle Fax vom Golzheimerland - Paris van de Tempelhoeve

Velen - SG1 Dutch Siegerine Velen von der Zenteiche (German Import) Bred by Christoph Ludwig


Very glamourous Black and Red Long Coat Girl with a world class pedigree to match. 

SV Hips: A Stamp Normal Elbows: A Stamp Normal DNA Profiled 


*** UK Breed Surveyed Class 1 (LC) by N Farley ***


IPO1 80 G 80 G 83 G 243 G

Velen has given us the most fantastic opportunity to compete her at the highest levels. A winner in Belgium, Holland and Germany.

12/7/2014 Velen gains SG1 and the Dutch Siegerine Title in her class at her second ever show. Our first overseas title ever at just 14 moths. Not an easy feat for this special girl when you look at the quality in this class the 2nd Female Alexa Von Der Klosterpforte later wins SG1 at the German Sieger Show 2014. 


Shown just four times in 2015.


1st March 2015. Wintertrofee Belgium Velen 18-24mths SG1 (first place) and Reserve Best In Show LSH under top SV Judge 

Margitt v.Dorssen.




 Velen von der Zenteiche

Leo von der Zenteiche - Fiby von der Zenteiche



 Megas zur Wachter Mühle

Gangster vom Team Arlett - Xtra van Dongmiran



 Helen vom Kahlenberger Land

Cicolo vom Akrobat - Fina vom Kahlenberger Land



 Moly de I'Echezel

Horace du Parc a Mitrailles - Kelly du Manoir de Sissi



 Vega Vom Aurelisbrandt

Onur vom Haus Bifo - Destiny vom Lamorak


5th July 2015. BRG British GSD Training Club. Our girl goes up to the Adult Long Coat Class for the first time and try and gain her V grading. A first for us we entered 3 girls in this class. From the individual she pulled out in 1st place but got pipped my our girl Kooki in the run off. But SV Judge Helmut Buß from this cracking class only awarded 2 V (Excellent) gradings, V1 Videx Kooki at Giantlands & V2 to Velen. 


7th July 2015. Velen returned to compete for a second Dutch Sieger in 2015, handled by Alain Delmotte under SV Judge Peter Snijders she wins her second (1st place) Dutch Siegerine Title. This girl really loves to show. Up on toes for the whole of the class.


1st November 2015. We competed in our hardest class to date. The Working Female Long Coat Class (all dogs have to having working qualifications to enter) and not one to shy away we decided to go to Germany OG-Zucht- und Nachwuchsschau (LG 10) Rheinland-Pfalz Show under Top SV Judge Heinz Scheerer. By the time we got to the working classes our hearts were in our mouths but Velen put in an amazing individual and was pulled out into first place and kept it in the run off unfortunately we couldn't understand the grading and critique that was given so we didn't know whether we had achieve the V Grading. We watched the Long Coat Working males we got to see VA1 Orbit von Pallas Athene, VA3 Jackson vom Zisawinkel, V4 Victor von Regina Pacis V14 Leonidas vom Fiemereck from the Working Long Coat Class at the German Sieger SG10 Casper vom Assaut, from the youth Class in Nurnberg. A fabulous class of males would have gone all that way just to see these boys close up. In the Working Standard Coat Female Class Velen sister Viola von der Zenteiche was competing a surprise for both owners they would both be together in the same show. Viola wins V1 in a big class of 12 females. We had to wait to see the grading cards to see we had in fact been awarded V1. Giving the two sisters V1 Working LC Female for Velen and V1 Standard Coat for Viola. What a day!!


*** Velen is the only Long Coat Working Female *** in the United Kingdom so unfortunately showing at the Regional Shows in this country she would be first out of one. We really hope in years to come there will be more. 


Velen 30th December 2015 Full Flight!!
VA(BSZS+B+NL) Leo von der Zenteiche BH AD IPO3 Lbz.
Velen precious grading card.
Dutch Sieger Show 2015 LSH Siegerin Velen v d Zenteiche
Siegerin Velen v d Zenteiche BH AD IPO1

Velen from Zenteiche (SZ 2293780)

date event LG class grade place Richter / in status
01/11/2015 Koblenz 1920 eV 10 L-GHKH V 1 Heinz Scheerer
07/11/2015 Roermond (Netherlands)   LV OFFH SG 1 Snijders Peter
01/03/2015 Minderhout (Belgium)   L-JHKH SG 1 Margit van Dorssen
03/08/2014 LG-breeding and young actor in Otterbach eV 10 L-JKH SG 2 Albrecht Woerner
07/19/2014 Zaterdag (Belgium)   L-JKH SG 4 Wolfgang Lauber
07/12/2014 Loon op Zand (Netherlands)   L-JKH SG 1 Marcel Mignolet
Our girl on the winners podium
1st March 2015 Velen 18-24 mths SG1 and Reserve Best in Show LC Minderhout Belgium
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