Giantland's Fenna van Ayla's Aura

21st July 2016

Giantlands Fenna van Ayla's Aura

Date of Birth: 27th January 2016

Registration No. 3031612

Microchip No. 528140000638290

Colour: Black & Red Long Coat

DNA: Dutch Kennel Club H134786

Bred by: Hans & Ros Lelieveld, NL - Tilburg

Hill Farbenspiel (4.5-5.5) Pia Zenteiche (5-5) ZW 74


Sire: VA1 Leo von der Zenteiche (SZ 2260720) BH AD IPO3 Korung for Life. ZW 77

Microchip No. 981189900003396. Hip & Elbows A1 Stamp Normal. DNA Parentage Proven.


Mother V Fiby von der Zenteiche. (SZ 2245033) BH AD Sch1 Korung for Life. ZW 76. 

Microchip No/Tattoo No. NM 5296. Hips & Elbows A1 Stamp Normal. DNA Parentage Proven. Daughter of Double VA1 German Sieger Winner Remo from Fichtenschlag (SZ 2208401)


SV Hips: A1 Stamp Normal

SV Elbows: A1 Stamp Normal

OCD: 0

LUW: 0

SV DNA geprüft (Parentage Proven) 

(we are so happy, these is the highest grades possible)

Fenna nearly 5 months (15th June 2016)
Beautiful baby Fenna 7 weeks old
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