Belgium Sieger Winner V2 ⭐️⭐️⭐️Gil vom Polarstern⭐️⭐️⭐️ BH AD IPO1 BSC1

Handled by: Carsten Honig. photo by Lin Fidgin (copyright FARDOGART)

23rd April 2017

Scottish Progressive Gill Graded V2 Under SV Judge R Rudin handled perfectly by Natasha Sumner


BSZS German Sieger Show 2015

SG6 LSH Junghundklasse Female German Sieger Show.

Judged by Jurgen Hoffmann. Handled by Carsten Honig.


We imported this beautiful girl from Germany in 2014.

She was bred by Helen Geisen (Polarstern Kennel).

Quenn Löher way (3-3) Ursus Batu (5-5,5,5) ZW 74

Born: 5th October 2013

SV Registration Number 2299540.

Microchip No. 981189900049548.

SV Hips A Stamp Normal, SV Elbows A Stamp Normal, DNA geprüft Parentage Proven.

The highest hip and Elbow grades possible in germany.

Black & Red Long Coat Female

Sire VA1 Leo von der Zenteiche

Mother V1 Coco vom Polarstern


A beautiful energetic girl who won her Siegerine Title for Giantlands at her very first show.

Such a fun girl to live with into everything with a fanastic temperament.

She has been awarded Best Puppy at many shows for Giantlands.

Awarded: Best Puppy & Best In Show for us at the AWS 2014.

Best Long Coat Puppy WALCSS 2014. 


SG3 Dooley Mrs S. Gil v POLARSTERN (Leo v d Zenteiche ex Coco v Polarstern). Medium size & good medium strength, very well-pigmented, rather deeply bodied. Well-pigmented expressive head. Good top-line, good fore & very good hind angulation. Clean front, sound in front movement, slightly close behind. Spirited gait with powerful hind thrust, front reach could be a touch freer. 


Gilly Nov 2016
Bred Council Breed Survey for Gilly

German Sieger 2015 Judges Critique 


Over medium size, medium strong, correct proportions, good pigmentation, nice feminine head, high wither, straight firm back, long very well angled croup. Good fore and very good hind angulations with firm pasterns, balanced chest proportions, correct front. Front and rear correct sequence of step, roomy expansive gait.

AWS Best Puppy & Best In Show Gsd Rally Best Puppy
Gilly on her way to her Belgium Siegerine Title
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