Retired Teddy Home-bred Red Sable Long Coat

***** UK Breed Council Breed Surveyed *****

KC BVA HC Eye Tested Clear. Heamophila A Tested Normal.

29/11/10 BVA Hip Scored Fantastic News 7/3 Total Just 10

30/11/10 Elbow Score 0/1. We are happy with our cracking boy.

Gentle Giant with a loving temperament to match his handsome looks


*** 2014 Teddy*** is awarded 1st Working/Pastoral and RBIS

28th October 2011. Teddy Best In Match. Wow!


Judge: Michelle Chitty (Seaquest Minibulls)


Michelle Chitty Hes Stunning should be very proud of him...lovely boy !!:


Maria Heskins Well done Sue, i'm so pleased for you, he looks fab! You've put in a lot of hardwork with him, well deserved!!!!


Lorraine Packham Beautiful boy, in looks, movement and temperament! He was my best puppy in show at my first judging appointment sooo proud of him, well deserved win for the lovely sue! well done mate xx

Only a 8 week old baby but really growing.

Pictures updated 28th June 2010, Teddy nearly Eight Months Old.


Update:18th July 2010.


Teddy was Awarded 1st German Shepherd Open Dog Class AC AA. At Nottingham. WALCSS show Judged by B Fox.  Well done Teddy.


15th October 2010. 11 months old. A Gentle Giant, with a wonderful temperament, this young man is very special to us.

As you can see he is growing into a substantial young man. Now 28" and 48kg

Teddy and his pals King & Tuggie 2/12/2010.

Wolves and Woofer WALCSS Society Show. Teddy best Junior In Show and Reserve Best Coloured Long Coat. Wow!! 


Judged by Margaret Nyrvana who also gave a fantastic written critique for every dog entered. We are very proud indeed of ours. Thank Margaret


15th June 2013 GSD Breed Council Survey Teddy by J Ward


2014 Teddy gains 1st Working and Pastoral and Reserve Best In Show

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